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vending machines and water filtration service in BataviaBatavia’s Source for State-of-the-Art Vending Machines

Whatever vending machines you’re looking to include in your Batavia offices, Sirness Vending Services has them, as well as the wide selection of products you want to stock them. This includes standard snack and beverage machines, as well as coffee vending, food vending and healthy vending machines. Our selection of products is unmatched, and you choose what is stocked in your vending machines. Though our selection is huge, there are times we hear from customers about a product they want but we don’t have. In such cases, we make every effort to add it. When we can, we’re happy to comply with special requests.

The Office Coffee and Water Filtration Source in Batavia

Coffee is important to any productive office environment. Are you giving your Batavia employees the drink they deserve? If not, it’s time to call Sirness Vending Services. We have brewing machines ranging from traditional, by-the-pot brewers to the ever popular single-cup units. All of our machines feature the latest technology, allowing people to adjust coffee brewing parameters to their unique preferences. Available coffees and teas include the brands you know and love, and we’re willing to accommodate special requests. We’re also willing to manage your other break room needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates and creamers. Focus on more important work within your operation and we’ll take care of your break room supplies.

If you currently subscribe to a water delivery service, it might be time to look into Sirness Vending Services’ water filtration program. These powerful filtration units are available in counter top and floor standing units. Simply plumbed into the water supply, the filters act quickly to remove water impurities that can ruin the taste and profile of water. Before you know it, you have better tasting water from the tap – something that support your Batavia office coffee program or provide a healthy drink on its own.

office coffee and micro markets in BataviaGet a Micro-Market in Batavia

A lineup of vending machines from Sirness Vending Services in your Batavia office would be great. But what’s even better is a Micro-Market. Consider it a small convenience store right in your break room. We install racks, coolers and displays to make the store, and then fill it with all types of vending fare. You’ll even have a choice of healthier, fresh items like gourmet salads, dairy products and other unique entrée items. With real food options in the office, people will be more tempted to stay in the office over lunch, cutting down on less productive time. What makes the store even easier to use is the self-checkout kiosk. People simple bring their selections to the kiosk and ring it up themselves. It’s fast and easy and doesn’t require anyone to work the store. That way it can stay open whenever you need it – any day, all day.

Sirness Vending Services wants your business. Call us at 585-594-9000 or e-mail to find out why we deserve it.