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Diverse selection of better-for-you items to meet the needs of today’s evolving New Yorker.

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Making food and beverages nutritious and delicious

Our healthy vending machine programs combine good- and better-for-you choices all with exceptional taste and quality ingredients.

Bring healthy vending machines to your Western New York workplace.

Healthy vending machines address the changing needs of today’s society away from home. A great example is the Hello Goodness machines placed by Sirness Vending Services. These healthy vending machines are full of alternative vending products thoughtfully chosen for their nutritional value and lack of empty calories.

Expand product choices beyond those items traditionally found in vending machines.
Hundreds of beverages that offer vitamins, nutrients and hydration without heavy sugar content.
A vast array of snacks packed with the good stuff, such as protein, and less of the bad.
Support your corporate wellness initiatives and empower healthy lifestyle choices.

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Healthy vending machines in Buffalo
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Healthy and delicious

Customize your fresh food menu to offer a variety of healthy options including fresh salads and sandwiches provided by Market Fresh by Sirness. Made daily with high-quality, healthy ingredients, employees can be sure to find choices that meet their dietary needs and help boost productivity and creativity.

Thanks to our agreement, we can offer Wegmans great products directly to you.

Enjoy a healthy vending machine full of Wegmans finest.

Experts in federal and state school vending requirements

We know the rules and regulations for serving healthy vending machine items in area schools, and offer various solutions, including Wegmans.

Wegman vending machine
Corporate support for health and wellness

Be seen by employees as aiding their journey of healthier living with a vending machine full of great and tasty choices.

Vending machine from Wegman
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Cooperative relationships with school administrators

We believe in providing the very best refreshment to schools that follow all guidelines.


Experts in the USDA product guidelines about what products are and are not allowed in what schools.


We offer healthy vending machine solutions for each level of school from pre-k all the way to universities.


Tailor the better-for-you snacks and beverages to meet the needs of your students, teachers, athletes, or guests.

Serious healthy vending solutions

Your one-stop-shop for some of the best healthy vending alternatives in Western New York.

Make supporting healthier lifestyles easy by contacting Sirness Vending Services for healthy vending machines at 585-594-9000 or