Single cup coffee service that impresses Western New York employees and customers

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Newco coffee machine

Modern brewers

Brew a better cup of coffee with the sophisticated technology inside today’s best single cup brewers.

Single cup of coffee

Higher quality

From specialty beans to premium soluables, you will be able to taste the quality in every sip.

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Ultimate convenience

Customers will love having great-tasting single cup coffee available at your Western New York facility.

Single cup coffee in Buffalo, Rochester, and New York

Personalize the break room experience

Professional single cup service from Sirness Vending Services can elevate your Western New York business in the eyes of customers, employees, and competitors. Play to win with quality single cup brewers able to make delicious coffee and coffee-based drinks fresh for everyone. One machine can brew dozens of hot drink options easily.

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Multiple solutions available

Tell us your needs and we can deliver the ideal single cup coffee machine from our wide variety.

Newco coffee machine

Authorized Keurig Distributor

Single cup of coffee

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Happy employee drinking fresh coffee

Liquid Coffee

Deliver the café experience in your Western New York workplace with single cup service from Sirness Vending Services at 585-594-9000 or