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Give employees the ultimate break room perk to increase morale and ensure retention.

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Healthy salad and sandwich on an office desk

Perk up employees with free food and drinks at your Western New York business

Contract with us for food, snacks, and beverages freely available to workers that you cover as an employee benefit. We will deliver fresh food from Market Fresh by Sirness and stock the break area, keeping the solution hassle free, and then bill your company for the items.

Offer tasty, fresh and frozen food options prepared locally by Market Fresh by Sirness.
Enjoy a variety of products that can enhance your break area, including bulk and single serve.
Create an atmosphere to entice employees to stay on site by providing refreshments for free.
Encourage better-for-you snacks, food, beverages, etc. by supplying these items for employees.
Free items make employees feel valued by your company and cost less than giving higher wages and other benefits.

Employee benefits

Affordable employee perks

Make your break room an asset that works to retain and reward employees for work, collaboration, and loyalty.

Retain talented employees who feel valued by your company’s commitment to refreshment. Increase productivity by helping employees save time finding snacks, food, and drinks. Choosing to offer food options is less expensive than other benefits such as wage increases.

Woman buying yogurt from an office micro-markets

Tailor designed solutions

Creating the ideal pantry service for your Western New York company.

Personalize the products you want to offer employees or at the front desk. Opt for cases of bottled water and cold beverages to grab-and-go snack choices. We can tailor a solution just right for your needs. 

Healthy lifestyle

Empower your employees

Offering nutritious items in the break area helps employees make choices that align with a healthy lifestyle.

Employees are more likely to indulge in the better-for-you items provided by you at no cost. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, improving the company’s overall productivity. Enjoy lower insurance premiums given to companies who make health and wellness a priority.

Salad with tomatoes

Food and beverages fast

Provide the refreshment employees need, so they can get back to work renewed.

On-site beverages and food eliminate time wasted by employees finding refreshment. Pantry service allows a quick refuel throughout the workday. Food available 24/7 is perfect for employees working multiple shifts or overtime.

Shaking hands

Sirness values collaboration

We work to address your needs and pain points with employees and refreshment.

Local companies consult with us as long-time vending and refreshment service experts. Experience and vast service options ensure we can work with you to craft an ideal solution. Dedicated to the personal attention and Western New York companies want.

Benefit from your employees’ loyalty and productivity by offering free food and drinks with help from Sirness Vending Services at 585-594-9000 or