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Want something new and innovative in your Western New York break room? Sirness Vending has the solution. Choose the My Vending Rewards program so employees can get cash back rewards on vending machine purchases, including “Buy 4, Get the 5th Free” promotions. For health and wellness initiatives, opt for the Sirness Wellness Promotions program with the opportunity to incentivize healthier selections in both vending machines and micro-markets.

Quarterly Promotions - Buy 4, Get 1 FREE

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Vending service just got better than ever with My Vending Rewards. This program means for every item from a vending machine that employees purchase, they earn points towards free products. When they register, they can also designate a charity to receive 1.5% for each dollar spent. It’s a win-win for getting and giving.

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Encourage healthy habits with the Sirness Wellness Promotion program

Employees earn loyalty points and participate in custom promotions designed to improve awareness of wellness initiatives and reward healthier eating and drinking.

Sirness Vending is serious about raising awareness of healthy eating in Western New York. Our Sirness Wellness Promotion program promotes healthier snacking at work and gives employers an opportunity to improve awareness of corporate health and wellness objectives, lower healthcare costs, and maximize productivity. Better-for-you product purchases earn loyalty points that employees can use towards future product purchases, at both vending machines and micro-markets. The special bonus for Western New York employers is the ability to buy-down the price of the healthier options, adding an extra incentive to purchasing those items. For micro-market customers, we can also create custom promotions through the Sirness Market Account card so employees can win prizes or discounts on product purchases.

Gain a partner dedicated to making vending and micro-market service a tool for employee morale and wellness with promotions — Sirness Vending at 585-594-9000 or