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Make hundreds of products conveniently available to employees with an open concept micro-market.

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Western New York area experts on installing a self-serve kiosk.

A mini store in your break room open 24/7.


A wider variety of healthier food and drinks is available with the added space and open design.


Employees can shop the micro-market at any time using the self-checkout kiosk.


No company cost, the market is supplied by Sirness and supported by employee purchases.


Micro-markets add a new vibe and more product selections, making employees feel happier at work.

Offering only the best — fresh food, made daily

Enjoy locally made, hot and cold fresh food options by Market Fresh by Sirness. High-quality ingredients, healthy choices and a custom menu enhance the micro-market experience and show employees that they are valued.

Self-serve micro market in Rochester, Buffalo and New York

Excellent no cost employee benefit

A way to show employees they are valued while keeping them on site and refreshed without costing the company money for a cafeteria.

Make your Rochester or Western New York break room a destination with Sirness Vending Services micro-market solution. First, we blow the vending machine wide open, and then offer even more great snacks, foods, and beverages. We even bring a larger selection of better-for-you products to your location. Employees love the enhanced options and workplace cafe feel of micro-markets, making them valuable productivity boosters and retention tools.

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Revamp Your Break Room with a Micro-Market

We customize layouts based on your workplace

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