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Turn your Western New York break room into a snacking paradise.

Upgrade snacks
Employee eating chips for a snack

Today’s top selection of snack items from salty to sweet and everything in between.

Enjoy better snack vending machines at your Western New York facilities.

Snack vending machines provide refreshment for hungry staff and customers. With Sirness Vending Services, you get not only state-of-the-art snack vending machines, but reliable service to match. We customize the snacks in your vending machine to your needs and then stock them regularly to ensure dependable service.

Each snack vending machine includes a built-in sensor to detect if a product drops. If not, the money is refunded instantly. If an issue does arise, our customer service department is open 24/7 to address it. We take customer service seriously.

Customized snack selections chosen to please

Select from the must-have snacks to create the ideal snack vending machine for your business.

Optimize your break room with professional snack vending machine service from Sirness Vending Services at 585-594-9000 or