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vending machines and office coffee service in HenriettaVending Machines Provided Throughout Henrietta

The refreshments you’ve been waiting to put into your Henrietta office are waiting from Sirness Vending Services. We have the beverage, snack and food vending machines you’re looking for, complete with a huge selection of items. We also offer vending machines dispensing more unique items, like coffee vending machines and healthy food vending machines. The selection of products is completely up to you. Even if we don’t have something you want, we’ll make every effort to add it to our offering. Our vending machines for your Henrietta break room feature many convenience features, including remote inventory management. As long as your vending machine is connected to a signal, we can see, in real time, what your inventory looks like. We can tell what needs refilling before leaving our offices. This extra efficiency allows us to serve you better, and with less overhead, to keep your service costs to a minimum.

Henrietta Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Henrietta offices can have a professional-level coffee service by signing up with Sirness Vending Services. We provide and maintain all types of coffee brewers, from traditional by-the-pot coffee machines to single-cup brewers. Then we support these machines with a huge variety of brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas. Our coffee machines for your Henrietta break room feature the latest in brewing technologies, allowing people to get the unique drink they want, rather than hoping the person making a pot isn’t making it too strong…or too weak. Not only do we handle your coffee needs, but we can also manage all of your break room supplies. Rather than you having to check the break room regularly to make sure the stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters, sweeteners or creamers haven’t run out, simply put the responsibility on our backs. We’re happy to run your break room so you can focus on more important matters.

Water quality got you down. Go with a water filtration system for a quick pick-me-up. Our water filters come in multiple configurations to match any office size and they plumb directly into your water supply. Once connected, the filters start working to remove impurities that can cause bad taste and/or smell. All you need to do is turn a faucet handle and a better tasting drink is served. So much easier and cost effective than a water delivery service.

vending service and micro-markets in HenriettaExperience a Micro-Market in Henrietta

Turn your Henrietta break room into mini convenience stores with a Micro-Market program from Sirness Vending Services. We’ll build a Micro-Market to fit your Henrietta office space, no matter how limited it might be. It will be complete with racks, displays and coolers to serve up virtually any type of vending fare, and beyond. In fact, you can find gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and fresh fruit within the confines of our markets. It’s a great option for snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Integrated self-checkout kiosks makes shopping and transactions a snap. Employees are in and out in no time, meaning productivity won’t suffer…in fact, it should be accentuated.

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