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vending machines and office coffee service in Western New YorkYour Professional Break Room Refreshment Services In Western New York

Sirness Vending Services provides Western New York businesses with all types of vending machines, like snack vending machines, soda vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines. You choose from our wide variety of products to fill your machines. If there’s a product you want but we don’t currently offer, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’re happy to accommodate special requests. All of our vending equipment exemplify the latest in vending technologies. We have vending machines with cashless payment, allowing people to not only pay with cash, but to also pay with a credit card or mobile device. Also, remote inventory monitoring lets us know what’s still left in your vending machines before we leave our facilities. It allows us to maximize efficiency by only bringing what’s needed to re-supply your Western New York break room.

Western New York’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Vendor

Don’t let bad coffee foil your otherwise productive Western New York operation. Add an office coffee service from Sirness Vending Services. We take care of all your needs, starting with the brewing machines. We’ll work with you to determine the type of brewer you need to accommodate your staff, from single-cup brewers to those that can brew multiple pots. Our coffee brewers include the ability to customize brewing parameters to let people achieve the tastes they crave. Our selection of coffees and teas include the brands people know and prefer. When we resupply your drinks, we can also resupply your other break room items, like stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, filters, etc.

Something about Western New York offices just doesn’t lead to good quality tap water. Western New York is no exception. Most companies “solve” this by getting water delivered by the 5-gallon jug. But why not take care of the problem at the source with our water filtration units? Connecting to the water supply, the filter removes impurities and delivers great tasting water right to the tap. Get it hot or cold with a simple turn of a faucet.

vending service and micro-markets in Western New YorkWestern New York’s Master of Micro-Markets

Micro-Markets puts a small convenience store within your Western New York office break room. This doesn’t involve traditional vending machines, but rather a series of coolers, racks and displays to store virtually any type of snack, food or beverage. You choose the products that fill the store, including items not usually found in a vending machine, like salads, dairy items and other healthy foods. This wider range of options in a more convenient setting encourages people to get their daily needs right in the office, which leads to greater productivity. Each store includes a self-checkout kiosk that lets the customers take care of their own transactions. With no need to have someone to run the store, it can remain open all hours of the day – every day. This is a great morale builder for those having to work late or come in early.

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